Saturday 15 August 2020

Water, water, every where...on a Brompton!

With the hot run seemingly at an end and the monsoon season upon us, thoughts have turned to the waterproof jackets I have.

When I am packing light - especially during the summer months - I tend to rely heavily on those very thin boil in the bag type of jackets. These are typically inexpensive and okay if you happen to be caught in a deluge when out and about. They are not really up too the job if cycling for another 20 or 30 miles!

For longer rides I try and take one of my Proviz jackets. These have better waterproofing prowess, with the killer feature of all those reflective bits. They have limited breathability but are better than the boil in the bag types - which are wonderful if you are feeling cold on a ride incidentally.

There are of course jackets that boast breathability and waterproof qualities someone working on a winter fishing vessel on the North Sea would be kept dry in but they tend to cost a small fortune.

That happy medium of excellent waterproofing, some breathability and not costing a fortune is one that has eluded me so far. The search for this jacket does however continue...

Stay safe out there people!!

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  1. 7mesh resiistance is in my opinion a good jacket for sudden showerrs. not waterproof for hours with its windstopper menbrane, but absolutely good enough in that respect. above all good ventilation free from boiling in the bag. also very lightweight and stowable.


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