Wednesday 5 August 2020

Brompton Electric tweaked?!

Earlier this morning I was the passenger in a car driving down Cromwell Road near the Natural History Museum and I saw something rather strange to say the least involving a Brompton Electric.

We were travelling at about 29 mph on what is a flat road and a Brompton electric zoomed past us. I thought wow that can really go but this initial wow turned into an oh my goodness who we stopped at a set of traffic lights.

The gentleman on the Brompton Electric was let us say a little overweight and yet he shot off like a bullet. We again reached about 25 mph and the Brompton was in front and off into the distance. Now the gentleman concerned was pedalling a little but certainly not enough to compensate for the extra speed which was quite incredible!

It does make we speculate as to whether this particular Brompton Electric has been hacked, interfered with or reprogrammed in some way? Can this be done? Some of you out there might be able to say if this can be done? Of course, this gentleman might just be a flyer!

Stay safe out there people!!

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