Tuesday 11 August 2020

Give the newbie cyclist some slack!!

During lockdown I have watched with interest the growing number of cyclists on the streets of London. For me it is a very welcome sight and the by-product of the powers that be talking about pop-cycle cycle lanes, improved infrastructure etc.., it seems like a great trend. However, I have notice another altogether less positive trend.

On many of my cycling adventures in London I have cycled at time and on routes where I am almost certain that other cyclists on the road are not on the way to work, an important meeting or coming back from work. They are - like me - out for a bit of exercise or cycling fix. This has not stopped several of them to call out cyclists who are new to this game (as identified by a gleaming new bike and lots of gear they don't really need and will soon discard when they realise this) when they do something THEY don't like!

That something they don't like can include:

  • Slower on the road than they would like
  • Being slow to start when the traffic lights go
  • Not filtering through traffic to the front of the queue
  • Being overtaken 
  • Cycling with your children 
  • Any form of electric bike that has a tendency to be able to overtake them at will

I have seen some pretty arrogant behaviour from a few cyclists. They are of course a minority but I have seen it too often.

I wish that the people would take the attitude that we are all on the same team. It does seem for some that unless you are on a carbon road bike with all the accompanied cycling lycra, you aren't a proper cyclist. Grow up is what I say!!

Stay safe out there people!!

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  1. There's a lot of bike snobbery out there too. Woe betide anyone who has a Halfords bike


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