Tuesday 4 August 2020

Lots of north London hills for my Orange Brompton

Yesterday with a little time on my hands I decided to take my new Orange Titanium for a spin. I was in nit just two minds but possibly four or five minds about where to go. I plumped for Alexandra Palace in the end as I enjoy the challenge of a good hill and believe me north London has plenty!

It was my intention to cycle about 20 miles but as it was such a lovely morning and the traffic wasn't too bad I decided to extend by almost 10 miles - taking the longer and more scenic route.

Arriving at Alexandra Palace I had was glad to take in the views, have a snack and sit down and chill for a while.

There were a few other cyclists out and about and one Brompton rider - who was on a black bike - expressed an interest in my orange and black Mini-O bag. They were interested to the extent that they wanted to buy it. I politely declined their offer.

On the way back I ascended Muswell Hill and Swain's Lane. Both were hard work and the heat definitely made things more difficult. I have not been up Swain's Lane in years and made a mental note to go that way when I am next in that neck of the world.

I am getting on rather well with my new Orange Titanium. It does seem like an old friend in many ways and we have hit it off instantly. The weight saving is noticeable when carting it up and down stairs and it could be all in my mind but also when ascending and descending hills.

Stay safe out there people!!

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