Sunday 9 August 2020

Brompton in the square mile

Very early this morning with a little bit of time on my hands I decided to cycle from SW7 to some of the building in the square mile.

It was a warm morning with at times a gentle breeze and the rest of the time non-existent. There seemed to be very few people out and about but a strange feature of this early morning ride was the high number of other Brompton bicycles I saw on my way there and back.

My first stop was 30, St Mary Axe or by its common name the Gherkin. I have always liked this building and with new developments it is slowly disappearing from the skyline.

If you have more money that sense you can head up to one of the restaurants on the upper floors. You can even be labelled the village idiot if you choose to actually become a member for I think £1000ish a year where you can eat your food in a private area.

The Cheesegrater, 122 Leadenhall Street was opened in 2014 and is 225 metres in height. Somewhere I have a photo or two of this building being built that I took from the nearby Tower 42. I will have to dig them out at some point. (Saying that they are quite possibly somewhere in the past posts of this very blog).

The Lloyd's building - like the Cheesegrater - was designed by architects Richard Rogers and Partners. Even though it is 34 years old, this building to me at least still looks unique and in many ways fresh.

In all I cycled just under 20 miles and in many ways reminded me of my first few posts on this very blog almost 10 years ago in which I visited much of the same area, for the same reasons.

Stay safe out there people!!

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