Wednesday 19 August 2020

Too many Brompton Bags!!

On the rather good ride last Thursday, the topic of conversation was Brompton bags. Chris commented that he had 13. I was amazed by this and when I was tidying my study I was amazed by the amount of Brompton bags I have accumulated!

The Brompton front carrier block is a wonderful invention and it works so well with the Brompton and the whole multi-modal transport vibe. I would say that it is better system than pannier bags for its ease of use. Naturally there are occasionally colour options to colour coordinate with your Brompton.

Currently I have the following front bags:

  • Brompton T Bag
  • Brompton Borough Waterproof, small navy
  • Brompton O bag in black and orange
  • Brompton Mini O Bag in black and orange
  • Brompton Mini O bag in black

Current saddle bags:

  • Carradice zipped roll x 2 in orange and black
  • Carradice zipped roll in black
  • Carradice Super C in orange and black
  • Brooks Isle of Wight

So, as you can see I too have quite a few bags!

I think that I am going to have to sell some of these at some point as I don't use some of these a great deal any more.

Stay safe out there people!!


  1. Hello Mr Orange... I am a long time fan of your Brompton adventures and have a Green one myself. Just read your Bag post and smiled to myself having just added two myself. My son has just joined the Brompton fraternity and is desperate for a Mini O in Black - so if you are looking to reduce your collection I would happily assist by purchasing your 'spare' Mini O for him. I hope you do not mind my presumptive advance and will understand if you do not wish to accept. Yours sincerely Rog...

  2. Hello Mr Orange,
    I would like your black mini o as well but don't have the funds at the moment. I have Boring things to pay for, the annual car insurance, house insurance and TV license. I find big bills come in three. ! On the subject of front carrier block bags. From your collection what bags would you consider essential for the following situations, a weekend cycle, off to the shops for grocery and a quick spin cycle?
    Hi Rog, I think he might part with the mini o black bag. But you have no chance with orange mini o 😀
    Regard Eddie

  3. I'd actually be selling my Mini O bag and O bag both in the black and orange. I'd keep the black Mini O (for the moment). It would cost you though! Offers welcome.

    As far as the essential bag, that does depend on how much your will be wanting to carry. Bigger loads the T-bag or the new Borough. For smaller loads the new Borough small is hard to beat.

  4. Ha! Well that scuppered my thoughts entirely Mr O... :-/
    As you are the biggest Orange fan, I did not, for one second, expect you to be letting go the Orange bags, you never cease to surprise... lol
    If you change your mind and will let go the Black Mini O, I will happily exchange for decent money sir!
    Stay safe and keep on Brommie-ing... Rog... :)

  5. Curious to know what size is the Brooks Isle of Wight - does it interfere with the fold at all? I have an extended seatpost so i think it will be OK.


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