Tuesday 11 August 2020

That bike shop you can get your Brompton from but those in the know, don't!

I love Brompton and their bicycles. It is quite a wonder that you can go pretty much anywhere in London, the UK, Europe and beyond and should be able to find a dealer to buy a new one from or have it serviced. (Of course at the moment getting a new Brompton means quite a wait)!! There is of course one large nationwide chain that sells lots of other things apart from bicycles that very few of my Brompton friends would go to themselves or recommend to others.

Now I am not going name this shop, in much the same way that a certain naughty wizard was not named in 'Harry Potter.' Or how superstitious, weedy types call that god awful play - poor GCSE / A-Level students have to endure - the Scottish play.

Look at any online reviews of this shop and they are far from favourable. It does make we wonder why Brompton - who are surely geared towards the higher end of the bicycle food chain - would pal up with them?

For me, I will stick with with Brilliant Bikes or Compton Cycles. They really are people you can put your trust in. I am sure that if you are reading this, you too might have your own favourite bike shop. If you do, leave a comment and tell me why.

Keep safe out there people!!

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