Monday 29 February 2016

Going to the Tweed Run 2016

Well, today at noon the tickets went on sale for one of my favourite events, namely 'The Tweed Run.'

I didn't manage to log in at the allotted hour - mainly as I had forgotten about it - but when I did,  I managed to secure a ticket. Yippee!

This will be Tweed Run number four for me and I have to say I have enjoyed all them a great deal. The idea is quite simple. Participants dress in their finest tweed themed outfits (and believe me some of them are outstanding) and amble through the streets on London. There is nothing fast paced about it and along the way there is a stop for tea and some refreshment. All very civilised.

In addition some of the cost of the ticket goes towards the organisers choose charity, which this year is, the London Cycling Campaign.

I suppose participants like being looked at as one of the more amusing aspects of this ride is the bemused look on peoples faces as several hundred cyclists in tweed glide past, doffing their caps and quite frequently shouting out a hearty 'tally ho!'

If you have not seen some of my blog posts on The Tweed Run, you might want to have a look and if you have perhaps remind yourself. You will find this in the labels section.

Previous Tweed Run events have been extremely well organised and the people behind it all definitely have their hearts in the right place. I am rather pleased at getting in and sure that it will proved to be a very enjoyable day.


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