Monday 1 February 2016

Day #3 - Taking mind off whether in/out of BWC 2016

You may have read yesterdays disaster where I tried to take up an absorbing hobby - birdwatching. The learning curve was just too steep. As if to mock me I glanced out of the window to see a Zebra Pigeon - Magpie looking back at me!

Today, trying to take my mind off the BWC I decided to do something rather purposeful. My strategy was that if I was absorbed with a task, thoughts of the BWC would be banished from my mind. I therefore decided to rearrange my sock drawer.

A gentleman should have socks of several colours in his possession however please do not wear white socks unless you are actually participating in a sport of some kind. In addition initials stitched into the fabric is a no no. The owner of such a pair of socks is probably well known to the police!

The rearranging was going really well until I spotted a certain collection ones. These socks have been worn in the heat of many years worth of Brompton World Championships. Picking them up I flung then into the drawer and shut it firmly. Will this torment ever end?!

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  1. Wassup Orange? One is detecting you are not your usual self? Whatever it is, mate, go with it, all is well.


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