Monday 22 February 2016

Two punctures on commute home!

My partner in crime posted recently about a puncture in his tyre that consisted of several mini punctures likely to have been caused by glass. Today after a long day I work I suffered a similar fate.

Just as I was about to leave I felt that my bike was not steering well and soon discovered a front wheel puncture. I returned to my office where I had the wheel off and replaced it with another inner tube.

On closer inspection I could see a small tear and looking at the tyre (standard Marathon) a small shard of glass had gone through the tread  and the green guard layer. I pulled it through for the inside and after checking for anything else replaced the tyre.

Heading home I didn't get a mile before I could tell that to had gone again. At the roadside I used the last of my inner tubes that I was carrying and made good my repair. About 300 metres later it went again. With no more inner tubes I was forced to walk my bike home.

After my dinner I had the wheel off and with a much better inspection under proper light I could see that the inner tube had tears in two locations.

Initially I thought U had not more spare tubes but managed to find a brand new one still boxed. Not wanting the same thing to happen tomorrow morning I decided to bin the old tyre and put a brand new one I had stored away.

I will of course have to place an order for a few more tubes and with some of the rides I do, I don't fancy being stuck in the middle of nowhere!

The only good thing in all this is of course that I can repair a puncture quickly and easily. What a change this is from a few years ago when I quite literally had not the slightest idea where to start!

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