Friday 19 February 2016

Day #21 - Taking my mind off whether in/out of BWC 2016

Well the day has arrived, email recieved and it is a no.

I cannot complain as I have had a good run and there is always next year.

If like me you didn't get in commiserations and if you did best of luck. You will love it but remember to start the training this very second!!


  1. Just this second got the same email. Boo! Maybe next year!

  2. Dear Mr Orange,

    Commiserations to you. I too got a “no” reply from the BWC organisers. But I half-expected this when the question of whether one had competed in the BWC 2015 was asked, for which I had to answer "yes". So if there has been a policy of allowing Bromptoneers, who had not been lucky in 2015, to get an entry for this year’s event, then that seems fair to me.

    Therefore let’s not be downhearted. We competed in the BWC 2015, which was a fantastic event and one for which we should be thankful.

    Now, the “no” e-mail mentioned a Brompton 16km Strava consolation event, presumably with unlimited entries. How do we go about entering that?

    Best wishes,

    North Yorkshire


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