Tuesday 9 February 2016

Day #11 - Taking my mind off whether in/out of BWC 2016

This morning it was with a heavy tread that I walked to my car knowing I had too much to carry, even for my cavernous O bag to take.  This and perhaps if it is snowing are the only times my daily commute is done by car. 

The fact that I had not taken my beloved Brompton only served to remind me that I had not taken my beloved Brompton! 

As I drove to work I saw a lycra-clad roadie make a great deal of going up a hill. I estimated that I could - to use common parlance  - 'take him' and plotted an imaginary route around him, had I been on my Brompton.

Of course this reminded me the BWC where the opportunity to overtake a slightly slower rider is a moment of glee.

I am considering writing to one of those annoy aunts!

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