Wednesday 24 February 2016

Brompton commute home signals a change in mood

Regular readers may know that I have have reported loosing my mojo - for want of a better expression - as far as cycling has been concerned. For various reasons there have been times when I just haven't enjoyed it.

Recently I have signed up for a few rides and my much beloved night rides to the coast will certainly feature throughout 2016. Looking forward to the nocturnal coast rides and the return of some favourites are all helping to restore my enthusiasm to former levels.

My commute home this evening paid a small part in all this. There were blue skies and the sun although almost about to set made things bright and airy, perhaps signalling that spring is almost upon us.


  1. Just for info, I've seen a few stories on cycling websites saying Brompton muggings to order are being carried out in London...

  2. How about designing and leading your own rides, creating something brand new and stamping your own personality onto the event? Breaking the mould of just rocking up to someone else's ride will blow the cobwebs off your mojo.


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