Tuesday 2 February 2016

Day #4 - Taking mind off whether in/out of BWC 2016

Today I decided that mental agility was required. After a game of chess earlier in the day I reached home to pick up an old Rubik's Cube - do you remember having one of these?

All was going well. I had managed to get almost all of the the white side all done and things were looking up. At least it was that way until I glanced down to see a solitary orange square where a white one should be!

My brain went into autopilot as I abandoned all thoughts of completing the whites, a new goal fused into my consciousness.

I looked down and saw orange...lots of orange squares and trying my best to put my favourite colour out of my mind I failed.

Thoughts instantly turned to my beloved Orange Brompton, the orange socks, orange jacket and the BWC...

I think I may need some sort of help!?

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  1. Nope I think your as sane as I am. *purchases something yellow yet again* >:D


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