Saturday 13 February 2016

Day #15 - Taking my mind off whether in/out of BWC 2016

Early this morning I found myself in deepest South Kensington not far from the Natural History Museum - one of my favourite haunts as a child. There was a time during school holidays when I would walk there daily and always find something new. I was there too early to venture inside and was merely paying a visit.

As I got off my Brompton I saw an enormous dog. It was one of those mastiff types and was a evil looking brute. This assessment was confirmed by a stout looking muzzle I only hoped was sufficient to do its intended job.

I had not put a foot on the pavement when this vicious beast started to not only growl but bark. Keeping a suitable distance I went about my business as best I could not wishing to let The Hound of the Baskervilles sense the fear I was emitting like a beacon.

The owner of said dog swiftly got out a newspaper - The Daily Mail - put in on the floor and as if by magic the dog, who had obviously been trained to do so, squatted down instantly and did its business square in the middle! Astonishing!

No sooner that it had finished do this it saw me looking astonished and make a run for me. Already on the balls of my feet and anticipating this I flung my leg over, clipped in and was off! I peddled furiously until I felt the danger had passed.

Thoughts turned to the BWC 2016 and I wondered whether I could somehow arrange for this dog to be there at the start. I am certain that my start out of the blocks would be blistering it that vicious animal was there poised and at the ready!

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