Thursday 11 February 2016

Day #13 - Taking my mind off whether in/out of BWC 2016

I can let you know that today was a disaster on the taking my mind off the BWC!

On my commute to work I spotted a lycra-clad all the gear and no idea roadie type making a big deal when he came to a reasonable hill. He was out of his saddle and powering up but not making much progress. I could not help myself and started to accelerate.

Soon I was behind him and still seated passed when it was safe - it was so early there weren't too many cars around anyway - and glided past him. He was still out of his saddle and I sensed him looking over to his right to see who had the audacity to pass him.

As we neared the flats he went past me however moments later we came to set of traffic lights that were red. When they turned green I was off and I stayed in front until I turned into where I work.

The slight buzz of a little bit of competition was enough to have my mind racing, with racing being the operative word!

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