Tuesday 1 March 2016

Seat post slippage

The past few weeks I have been wondering why some of my journeys have been that bit harder? I had put it down the fact that after my lengthy self-inflicted excite from cycling - due to an injury sustained by yours truly. It would now seem being a little out of condition as a result of this, is not the only reason.

After my commute home this evening I checked my seat post. It had shown signs that it was slipping on the London to Otford ride. After this I tightened it a little. It would appear not enough as by the time I reached home it had gone down at least an inch!

I tightened the little bolt some more and pleased to report that all is well. After a 3 x mile test run, all was well in the world of seat posts again.

I have not had any problems in the past with seat posts slipping down but checking once and a while cannot do any harm and might just preserve your legs a little!!


  1. I'd be a bit careful re over tightening & stressing the bolt area! Slippage can be caused as well via contamination & therefore cleaning the post & sleeve insert or the sleeve might be worn past its shelf life & need replacing....

    1. Very true. In my case I am very careful when doing this.


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