Monday 28 March 2016

A photo walk in London

With a few things to do this morning one of the tasks on the list was to take eldest Orangette so that she could photograph some scenes of London for an upcoming art project. So, with our cameras we headed out, walking rather than on bicycles. (I am awaiting an order of cables for my Orange P type as they all needs replacing).

We started at St Paul's Cathedral and made our way to the millennium footbridge. Part of this route is of course a very familiar one to you out there if you have been reading my blog for a while.

The bridge was rammed with people, aimlessly ambling around it has to be said like the walking dead, with neither purpose or reason. I suppose being a Bank Holiday that is perfectly okay.

I decided to take my Panasonic GX7 which is a great little walk around camera as it is small and lightweight. I have always liked it a lot as despite being ultra portable, it is abel to take good pictures. I used the little 14-42mm kit lens which as far as kit lenses go, is pretty sharp.

All of the photos are jpegs straight out of the camera with nothing done to them - mainly as I don't have the time or skill to care about possibly enhancing them.

Eldest Orangette took some pretty good photographs  and will certainly have enough for her artwork later on.

We were really lucky with regards the weather as for all the time we were out and about the sun was shining. This of course changed later on in the day when the heavens opened!

At the office of the London Mayor I have never seen so many selfie sticks! Everyone and their uncle had one. The most ridiculous bar none was - and I kid you not - someone with a pole attached to a 12 inch iPad Pro!

Occasionally when out in London you do hear some silly comments. When I was taking the photo below a tourist could be heard asking someone with them whether Tower Bridge was the Tower of London. I had to stop myself from laughing and pointing.

No, not the Tower of London?!

Walking over Tower Bridge proved to be quite a perilous affair as it involved negotiating more of the walking dead with selfie sticks.

Once on the other side of Tower Bridge we were able to leave the tourist trails behind by taking short cuts that only Londoners with prior knowledge would know about.

I am pretty sure that I will return to this route at some point in the near future and although I can cover ground quicker and see more on my bicycle, I did enjoy the walk.


  1. Cracking photos. London at its best. Sorry to read about your recent loss.

  2. Love London, used to live there, but moved back to Brighton recently, I used to use my Brompton to commute! Love your blog btw, folding bikes rule.


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