Thursday 3 March 2016

Special Edition Brompton Bicycles?

Brompton has released quite a few special editions of late. There has been the all black, black with a splash of colour and a blacker version of the all black. Added to the mix we now have a nickel edition and a stardust black which has sparkle bits.

They are all rather nice and have created a fair amount of excitement but I do think Brompton has missed a trick again. With so many special editions cropping special are they?

I suspect that if Brompton were to offer some of the all black components for sale as after market purchases - cranks, seat posts, brake callipers, brake leavers, rims - they would actually make more money in the long run and keep existing owners happier.

Most people buy one Brompton and that is it. They are a good enough bicycle to simply upgrade the various components as and when needed or desired. Having more readily available spare parts deemed to come from a special edition would be a licence to print money, surely.  Perhaps Brompton wants to keep these special editions and their rather tasty components wholly exclusive?


  1. Totally agree. I think that black components could be part of the customisation when a new bike is built. I really don't get the reason not to upsell. Since all of the bikes are in the end custom made, what's the point?

  2. Interesting reading. I was in my local shop the other day ordering my brompton and the guy was saying exactly the same thing.

  3. This reminds me of the same issue with car accessories and upgrades. Years ago, when car radios were not fitted as standard, people preferred to buy e.g. a Sony or Pioneer rather than a radio branded by the car manufacturer. I think there is a preference out there for specialist add-ons, like Ergon grips for example, that are far superior than the bike manufacturers' offerings and which allow more individual choices to be made. John.


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