Saturday 23 March 2013

Waterproof 'SealSkinz' Gloves for the Brompton All Nighter

At last weeks Thames Triple Chaser (link below) it rained. It rained a little more and then rained ever so slightly more than the last bit of rain I mentioned. My waterproofs did their job incredibly well but my gloves, which I hasten to add in no way even suggested they were waterproof, were more like a sponge that anything else.
With lots of rides planned in the coming weeks and several all night rides, I decided that the time had come to get some waterproof gloves.
I cycled to a local cycling shop which had a vast amount of gloves to choose from. I tried on lots of pairs but opted for a pair of 'SealSkinz' waterproof gloves.

The SealSkinnz Waterproof and Breathable Gloves.

These gloves were not the least expensive but for me they looked the best and more importantly felt the most comfortable. They are also rather clever:

  1. Close Fitting inner that actively wicks sweat and moisture away from the skin.

  2. A waterproof and more importantly breathable membrane. This ensures that your hands are kept warm and dry. The clever breathable bit reduces sweat build-up by allowing moisture to travel from the skin, through the inner layer to the outer layer.

  3. A very touch and durable outer cover.

  4. They are thermal and have a thermal rating of 3 which is in the middle of the SealSkinz scale - 1 being the least and 5 being the highest.

  5. Pre-curved finger construction to make them more comfortable.

  6. Pressure point padding to provide comfort and support where needed.

  7. Silicone contact points which serves to increase grip.

  8. Extended stretch cuffs with velcro closure for a better fit.

  9. Lightweight with an excellent fit.

  10. All-round, all season gloves.

They look pretty good to my eyes as well as being very functional.

That padding and silicone grip is excellent.

They come in two other colours apart from the black that I bought, hi-vis yellow and red but I personally preferred the black. In fact they look so good one could wear them as a pair of gloves out and about rather than exclusively for cycling.

My cycle home was just over 6 miles and I used these gloves for that journey. It was cold and half snowing and raining for the entire journey and during the last 2 miles it was very heavy. These gloves i have to report are excellent! My hands were both warm and dry and the gloves looked very different to when I saw them in the shop. The waterproofing is quite brilliant. In addition to this my hands weren't clammy or sweaty.

I am glad I bought this brand and even happier that they are going to be coming with me on my all night ride in a few hours time. If they perform as well - which I suspect they will - at this event I will be even more pleased. If you are in the market for a pair of waterproof gloves make sure you check these out!

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