Tuesday 12 March 2013

Compton Cycles Review

I recently bought my new Titanium Orange Brompton from 'Compton Cycles.' I thought I would give my thoughts on this purchase.

Before I bought my Original Orange Brompton I actually visited Compton Cycles as I happened to be in the area. I think I may have chatted to the owner Chris Compton? Whoever it was could not have been more helpful. I was unable to place an order there and then as I was still mulling things over and in the end ordered it from a local 'Specialized Concept Store' several weeks later which at the time was a Brompton dealer.

In the past I have likened Compton Cycles to that other great cycle shop, NYCeWheels. In other words the sort of cycle shop you wish you could go to. Several friends have bought their Brompton bicycles or are in the process of ordering from Compton's and have spoken very highly of them.

I ordered my new Titanium Orange Brompton as a bespoke order. This was a painless process and could not have been simpler. I was given as estimated delivery date, which I should add was a great deal sooner than the competition and I paid my deposit. Communication was great. I was informed that there would be a delay of one week (which actually suited me better) and when it did arrive I was informed as soon as it landed in the shop. All very impressive.

The earliest I could collect was last Wednesday in the middle of rush hour. Luckily I made it after quite a long journey and the whole process was as friendly as it was painless. I will be taking it back for its 100 mile service at some point in the future and even though it will involve a long journey I feel it will be worth it.

Apart from Brompton bicycles Compton's seem to have your every cycling need catered for, whether you are a hardened mountain biker, roadie, fixed wheeler, child and everything in-between. They also service bikes. A few friends have taken their Brompton bikes there and again have always spoken very highly of the service they have received.

A third Brompton or replacement is probably a very long way off now, but if I did I would be straight down to Compton Cycles to order it. If you live in the London area or prepared to travel in, it really is worthwhile. I am no fan of the huge bicycle shop chains out there when buying something as expensive as a Brompton and have occasionally heard not the best of reviews. Compton Cycles seems the best option to me.

Their details are as below:

Compton Cycles,
23-25 Catford Hill,
SE6 4NU.


Opening Times

Monday to Friday  - 09:00 to 18:00

Saturday - 09:00 to 17:00

Sunday - Closed all day.

You can click on the link below to take you to their website.



  1. Comptons is my local shop and I would recommend them as well. Not been in for ages but bump into Chris at cycling events (BWC was the last time last year). He is also on the board of independent bike shops. Drop me a message when you want to take bike in/collect as I might be able to help out with transportation either collect from you and deliver or return. You never know.
    100 miles - less than a week then ;-)

    1. Excellent blog. I just accidentally stumbled upon it as I was trying to read more about Brompton. I love your blog and will be following it regularly.
      After reading your blog I have decided ti order my First Brompton very soon from Cromptons.
      Shree Bagree

  2. Many thanks Shree. I am sure you will really enjoy it when you eventually get it. Let me know how you get on!

  3. Give my regards to Chris. Roger from Lewisham Cyclsits.


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