Tuesday 5 March 2013

The Possible Perfect Brompton Day?

You may already know (I have been banging on about it enough) that a few weeks ago I ordered a Titanium Orange Brompton. Tomorrow I go to the cycle shop and well...I am sure you know what that means!

When I first thought of buying a Brompton for the twofold purposes of having personal transport so I would have to go on public transport and to get fitter, I did contemplate buying a titanium version then. At the time I did not have enough funds to stretch that far and if truth be told I didn't think it was worth the additional cost.

Attitudes and ideas do of course change. It was as I have written before at the Marathon event at the 2012 Brompton World Championships, I was roughly halfway round when I thought about the question: would it be a good move to buy a Titanium Orange Brompton? I must have concluded that it was as a few miles later I had its full specifications all mapped out.

  • 6 x gears - normal ratio (no granny lowering of the gears for me)!
  • M-type (they produce a perfect ride height for me and they are a bit of a classic Brompton shape). 
  • Extended seat post.
  • Firm suspension.
  • Eazy Wheels.
  • Front carrier block.
  • Marathon tyres (my favourite of the Marathon range as they are narrower and able to take up to 110 psi).
  • New brake levers.
  • New crank.
  • Standard Brompton saddle as I would be replacing for a custom Brooks.
  • Orange frame (well it had to be this of course).
  • Titanium - a wonderful material. Not only does it save a considerable amount of weight and looks incredible it is incredibly strong and will not be susceptible to rust.

This spec stayed in my head for ages and I did nothing about it. When Brompton revealed some of the upgrades for 2013 bikes I felt that the time was right for an order to be placed for the above bike.

I have been  quietly excited about getting this bike. I write 'quietly' as I have deliberately tried not to think too much about it. I knew that if I did dwell on the prospect of realising a mini dream as it were the weeks would drag by slowly. Luckily, a busy schedule, lots of rides to think about / go on, two children, three cats and one Mrs Orange Brompton has taken my mind off my new bike.

I did have to sell my Raw Lacquer S2L to part fund this new bike and I must say that I do not miss it it in the slightest. The Raw Lacquer is a great colour but a little dull for my liking. I don't even miss the S-type handlebar. For the rides I am going on the M-type is king.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day! I will not be even setting off for the cycle shop until late afternoon and I know that my thoughts will be preoccupied. It isn't every day you buy a Titanium Brompton. The weather forecast for tomorrow is cloud with a low chance of light rain. It was my intention to only use this bike in fair weather but I know that no matter what it is tomorrow I will be going out for a test run.

So, roughly this time tomorrow I will be the proud owner of two Orange Brompton bicycles but one will be Superlight, Titanium and Orange!


  1. Congrats on the new arrival! (Almost!) I have to say that it feels like that bike has arrived mighty fast - when did you order it?

    Still counting down the days until I get the call to tell me my bike is ready :)

  2. Getting it from a brilliant cycle shop in London (review on the way). They sell so many Brompton bikes that they apparently have guaranteed factory slots from Brompton themselves, resulting in a four/five week wait for my Titanium Orange Brompton.

  3. Wonderful Mr O! So, did you get it? How does it roll? When I ordered my M6L from the UK it took almost two weeks to get here and clear customs. It was well worth the wait! I love Darth! See capetownbrompton.tumblr.com


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