Thursday 14 March 2013

Brompton World Championships 2013 Location

The cat is well and truly out of the bag as far as the Brompton World Championship location is concerned. There has been much speculation about the location but at last, perhaps the worst kept secret is now out in the open. World Championships and its associated events will take place at the famous Goodwood Motor Circuit as part of the Orbital Cycling Festival.

It will take place over the weekend of 27th - 28th July with the first two events listed below taking place on Saturday and the Brompton World Championships on the Sunday.

The Blenheim circuit was great but as I predicted Brompton have come up with a blinder of a location and I suspect it will be an incredible race, both fast and demanding. I have listed the details of the races below.

The Sprint

First introduced in 2012, the Brompton Sprint tests the riders’ ability to get up to top speed from standstill over a short distance. The 500m course will suit Bromptoneers who are used to giving it all they’ve got when the traffic lights turn green.
In full view of the grandstand, competitors will be spurred on by the crowd as they accelerate to the finish.

How it works…
Heats of 12 participants will whittle down the assembled speed demons to the fastest few; the fastest times recorded on Saturday afternoon will make it through to the final which will take place later in the day.

The Eliminator

A new format for Brompton, the Eliminator is a high tempo race only open to the hardy Brompton riders competing for the Brompton Treble (the highest placing across the World Championship, Sprint and Eliminator events combined). The Eliminator takes no prisoners; once the second lap starts, those at the back of the pack are retired incrementally until only the fastest are left to sprint for the finish.

How it works…
Racers will be started in heats of approximately 24; each heat will consist of two laps. All riders complete the first lap; at the second lap the last two riders will be pulled from the race at each of the seven ‘drop out’ points around the circuit leaving the final ten riders to battle to the line. The fastest 24 riders, after all heats, will go through to the final for the chance of gold medal glory.

The Brompton World Championships

Now in its 8th year, the Brompton World Championship is fast becoming an institution; the location may have changed but the strict dress code remains. In previous years competition just to participate has been fierce, so the field has been expanded to include as many enthusiasts as possible; the new venue has made this possible and the 2013 event will be bigger than ever, with 1,000 participants invited to compete.

How it works…

Always a show-stopper, the race gets underway with a massed Le Mans style start, the pack racing to their folded bikes, unfolding them and speeding off. Jacket and tie are compulsory and there is strictly no Lycra allowed; those looking particularly dapper will be in with a chance for the Best Dressed prize. I am sure that my eyes will be on that particular prize!

The Course itself!

I am really glad that Brompton have kept the three races albeit with one new event - The Eliminator. Shame about the Marathon as I really enjoyed that one. Maybe they might bring it back another year?

I am not sure at this stage whether I will be able to enter all events but with registration opening on 2nd April I will have a little time to deliberate over it all.

I am fairly confident that the many rides I am going on will assist my training efforts. I am going to abandon all rides I deem to be a waste of time such as a few laps around Hyde Park as they just don't cut the mustard. It will be Richmond Park for me whether on my own or whoever wants to come along. Being flat, Hyde Park for me offers no serious benefits other than sight seeing. At least at Richmond I can practice cycling at a sustained speed and use the hills to work on strength and endurance.

It is certainly going to be an interesting year and with a final confirmation of when and where THE cycling event of the year is taking, it is time to start my training! 

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  1. Not too sure I fancy this, one of the delights of previous BWC's is the different terrain (both Barcelona and Blenheim). This looks like out and out racing and lots of asphalt.


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