Friday 8 March 2013

Can a Brompton Induce Fainting?

Last night I made the decision that I would be taking my new Titanium Orange Brompton out on my daily commute. I know that the weather forecast was rain. I cared not a jot about rain. This avoiding the rain business is just plain stupid! This morning my Titanium Orange Brompton was taken downstairs. front door was opened. I could see the rain cascading from above...

I took my Titanium Orange Brompton back upstairs, put it back in my study and brought down my Original Orange Brompton instead. I can feel the frustration from you dear reader perhaps tutting as you try and digest this madness, for madness is what it is.

I knew that if I had of set off in that rain, like a sheltered Victorian lady from the suburbs travelling into London, I may have succumbed to a fit of the vapours or quite possibly fainted. This would have caused great embarrassment for yours truly, so in order to spare myself from this undoubted trauma, my Titanium Orange Brompton stayed at home.

My new Brompton is just so pretty. All those lovely titanium bits. The orange all gleaming, gleefully back at me. The smell of a new Brooks saddle. The shine of he wheels. The new chain set. The new brake levers and the sheer loveliness of it all.

If I only had one Brompton there would be no problem. I would simply have to use it. I will get there but for the moment at least, in the short term my new Titanium Orange Brompton is like a Tate Modern exhibit, a work of art deserving to be viewed in quiet contemplation. I will start to use it, very soon. I will...really!!


  1. No judgement here! Let your first proper, long, ride be one to remember! Great weather, a great route... Fit for a great bike!

    1. Do they ship with new chainset now?

  2. Titanium doesn't rust.
    ... or am I being too practical?

  3. Ah, hadn't heard abut your new titanium model. Congrats!


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