Wednesday 6 March 2013

New Orange Titanium Brompton - First Impressions.

This afternoon I managed to get off work a little earlier and at 15:30 I headed off to possibly one of the best bike shops in London, 'Compton Cycles' to collect my brand spanking new, Orange Titanium Brompton.

The Sat Nav told me that I would be there at 16:45 but I didn't get there until 17:12! I cared not a jot as I new I would get there before the shop closed. When I got there my Brompton was brought out of its box and unfolded. I have seen this performed many times but I as left awestruck, unable to focus on anything else. Can a bicycle be a beautiful thing?

Within the space of 15 minutes I was out the door with my new Brompton in on hand and the box it was shipped to Compton Cycles in another. Great to have e box as it can be used for travelling purposes.

I stopped briefly before packing things away to take the picture above. A lady on her way home remarked that it was a a lovely bike and she had ordered one from Compton's and was expecting delivery within two weeks. Naturally, I told her about my blog. (If you are reading this Claire hope that your Sage Green arrives soon).

When I got home I fitted the Brompton rear battery light and e Mandarine Brooks saddle. The latter really does look great! I took the Orange Titanium one out for a quick spin. First impressions were VERY favourable to say the least.

Being the same weight as my old Raw Lacquer S2L it felt a great deal lighter when being carried compared to my original steel Brompton but it was he ride where I detected the the weight saved by all those titanium goodies. The bike felt as nippy and agile as my old S2L but the 6 x gears made things feel dramatically faster.

The new brake levers were excellent and a massive improvement over the old ones. The new crank was a world away from the old one and was noticeably firmer and stiffer than the old one. I am already a convert to the new rims which are a great improvement and even the new black grips seemed much more comfortable.

All in all, it is an excellent bike and the ever evolving Brompton with all these new additions, for me at least ever secures Brompton as the King of folders. I even like the colour.

I will post lots of photos and a full report in the next few days but in he meantime I know I am going to enjoy this bicycle a great deal!


  1. Now that's a beautiful bike! Enjoy, and looking forward to more pics.

  2. Nice new bike - Bromptons are ace :) You have to change your blog title to reflect this new acquisition!

  3. Hi there, I've been enjoying my little orange Brompton in London too! I'm usually in Edinburgh but I've been taking it on the train and whizzing about :)
    Here's a couple of my photos.

    Down again next week, whee!
    Cheers, al.

  4. Awesome Mr O. I must say, that saddle is the business! Enjoy it - I can't wait to read more!

  5. Can you compare the weight difference between your steel vs titanium brompton? Thanks!

    1. There is a noticeable difference in weight compared to my steel Brompton, getting on for over 800g. It is about the same weight as my old S2L.


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