Thursday 14 March 2013

Brev Retro Quill Pedals

I recently acquired a set of pedals by 'Brev' with a distinctly orange feel to them. These are the Brev Retro Quill Pedals which are a modern version of the classic quill pedal from yesteryear.

The pedals are a pretty simple design and I believe other colours are available. The cage plates are very grippy to say the least and I found them to be better than the original Brompton pedals in this regard.

The construction is steel for the spindle with alloy for the cage. They weigh in at 353 grams and are therefore don't weigh a great deal. 

A friend of mine has a pair of these on their fixie and swears by them. They are apparently fully serviceable. I am not sure I would be able to do that but as they retail for anything between £14.99 - £24.99 (if you look around) they are are not that expensive to replace. (Although my fixie friend says they are virtually bulletproof). 

Also included in the box are reflectors what simply click in to place. To my view they make a rather elegant design look ugly, so I won't be putting them on. Good that they include them of course and nice to know they are there should you change your mind.

Of course they don't fold and there is no fancy quick release mechanism. To be honest I am not sure they need them. They are very light and compact and even unfolded, they don't get in the way a great deal. I have put them on my Original Orange Brompton and so far I like them a great deal. They are much better than the last pedals I was sent and I even like the colour.


  1. The new pedals look very smart. your comment about reflectors got me thinking back to something I had read on the CTC website
    Lights (and reflectors) are required on a pedal cycle only between sunset and sunrise. Lights (and reflectors) are not required when the cycle is stationary or being pushed along the roadside. When they are required, the lights and reflectors listed below must be clean and working properly. The following items are the minimum required, on a bicycle or tricycle, in order to ride it legally at night:...
    Pedal Reflectors Four are required, coloured amber and marked BS6102/2 (or equivalent), positioned so that one is plainly visible to the front and another to the rear of each pedal.
    When I was in Oxford the other week, the police were stopping cycles and checking lights etc. I was glad I was lit up even for the short ride from the coach station to the youth hostel.

  2. They are great looking pedals but it looks like they have fairly basic axles - no shoulders which prevent the axle from gouging into the crank. One solution with axles like those is to use pedal washers. On my Brom I run M520 spds (with axle shoulders) but have also just purchased a new set of Wellgo LU950 pedals (£14) which are alloy with a serrated black alloy cage. These have a good axle with shoulders and I plan to use Zefal half-clips (£5) with these. I want the bike to be ridable with all sorts of footwear which after all is the whole point of the Brom! I'm not sure if the wider bike width minus the folding pedal really matters - the Brompton pedals seem to be very fragile to my eyes plus I missed having some form of foot securing in place. I find it hard-work to focus on holding my foot on a bike pedal!
    Keep up the great blog,


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