Tuesday 26 March 2013

Karrimor Dry Bag

Karrimor are very much the bargain bucket type of manufacturer but I saw this 5 litre dry bag for the not unreasonable sum of £1 so I bought it. My motivations for buying it had nothing to do with the fact that it is orange!

It is quite a simple design. There is a top opening with a strip of plastic that bends in the middle. One stores items inside and then folds the top strip over at least three time. Once then fastens a small plastic buckle. It is well made and the waterproofing is good as initial tests proved very favourable.

At £1 is was a bargain.

This bag will come in handy on some big rides coming up in conduction with either my Carradice Barley or Zipped Roll bags. First it will provide added confidence that certain items I carry will be relatively safe from the elements. Second, being bright orange it will allow me to find it in whatever bag I take that bit easier.

 At the moment its main use if going to be carrying my iPad to and from work. I have to use either the C-bag or S-bag for work due to the large amounts I have to carry. Until I bought this bag I had simply wrapped it in a carrier bag. This is a much better and safer solution.  At £1 you really cannot go wrong!

The fact it was orange in colour did not induce me into purchasing it!


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    1. Hello Andy. From Sports Direct of all places. Very useful it is too!

  2. very useful bags and protect from the water,dust....


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