Friday 29 March 2013

Brompton DIY!!

Today was the day when I wanted to take off the old chain set and bottom bracket and replace them with the 2013 updated version. I will explain how I got on.

Removing the plastic covers at the centre of the crank was easy and it revealed some rusted 14mm bolts. Using a 14mm socket and wrench I managed to get the bolts off fairly easy.

I bought a park Tool crank remover, the CCP-22 and it certainly looked up to the job.

Using the Park Tool CCP-22 crank remover I must say was a great deal less complicated than I had originally thought. Screwing the device into the centre of the chain wheel as fair as it went  I didn't have to tighten things up much at all.

Turing the handle until I met resistance was where the fun began. The bolts I took off earlier were quite rusted on the surface and this might have explained the hard job it was to actually remover the chain wheel.

Eventually it was off revealing the bottom bracket. Turing it slowly I could hear a faint crunching sound, which is perhaps why I have been getting all that noise occasionally when pedalling?

With the crank arm on the other side removed I my Original Orange Brompton looked quite bare. It was hear that things ground to an abrupt halt. The bottom bracket tool that I bought from 'Evans Cycles' a few days ago was obviously the wrong one. I was not best pleased as I had asked the technician standing in the bike repair bay, in full view of all the tools available, which tool was required to removed the bottom bracket on a Brompton. Not impressed at all! I will be taking it back tomorrow before I go to the IBikeLondon Ride. I have always found Evans to be pretty good so I am sure it will be fine but I'll let you know how I get on with that one!

So, things have unfortunately ground to a halt. The good thing is that taking off the chain set wasn't half as bad as I originally thought. Shame I couldn't get the job finished but I am sure once I have the correct tool for the job I will be able to.

Tomorrow the weather forecast looks as if things will stay dry for most of the day. In any event, if I want to attend the IBikeLondon ride tomorrow I will have to take my Titanium Orange Brompton!


  1. turning into a confident bike mechanic!

    Very frustrating to get that far and be stymied by the wrong tool. I look forward to this task myself, so I'll be looking forward to the second installment. Thanks!


  2. Well done! The tool you want is FAG/Campag. I also run a bike with a Campag Veloce BB and this is exactly the same fitment as the FAG BB. The correct tool has 'ears' which locate with the BB lobes. Take your new BB to the shop to check whatever tool you purchase fits it.


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