Friday 29 March 2013

Silicone Front and Rerun Lights for my Brompton

On the recent all night London Brompton Monopoly Challenge I made a mental note to look in to buying a few more lights - front and rear. I did this as I will be going on quite a few night rides in the coming weeks and well, you can't have enough of them.

When I went to a cycle shop on Saturday to look for a pair of gloves, I also had a good look at lights. There were lots on offer but the price of the small, lightweight silicone lights was quite high.

Yesterday I was at he supermarket (Tesco) buying a few essentials and I spotted these lights.

They are a fairly simple affair. They have two modes, flashing and permanently on and are encased in a silicone outer cover. Batteries can be replaced and they produce a bright light from their two LED's.

Fitting them is easy as they just loop around handlebars or seat posts without leaving scratches or marks.

The price I hear you ask. Well, I think the price for this set was very reasonable at £4. Time will tell whether or not they are any good of course but past form on a pair of similar lights about two years ago is good. These ones were not the silicone type and were velcro fastening but they are still working.

I intend to keep these lights until I next go on a night ride and I will let you know how I get on with them. They are obviously not lights to use on their own but more as sparkling extras to be seen rather than to see.

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