Friday 8 March 2013

Special Orange Brompton Dust Caps

A very kind and thoughtful fan of my humble blog sent me something they thought I would find of use. They were right. No less than a dozen of orange coloured dust caps.

I think they are great and I wasted little time in taking off the existing caps on both of my Orange Brompton bikes and putting on a set of these.

I have seen coloured dice caps you can buy but they have not really appealed to me. These are brilliant and of very high quality. I don't know where the reader of my blog got them, but I am very grateful and it was a lovely surprise.


  1. awwwww isn't that nice :) kinda like my "water taps"

  2. What a wonderfull review , and what a bike.Im writing from brazil , and love Brompton, i still don't have one , because here the price is ridiculous high..5000 us dollars...I will have one indeed , and believe me it will be a orange one..Not sure about titaniun yet...But ORANGE for sure ...Cheers and ride safe...Warm Regards from Brazil...

    1. Many thanks. Hope that you do get a Brompton one day. They are expensive but you really are buying something that is incredibly well made and designed. I only wish that the weather in London was as good as Brazil!!


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