Sunday 2 January 2022

Welcome to 2022 on a Brompton

Well dear reader, we have arrived at 2022! More or less this time last year I wrote a blog post in which I pondered 2021. Back then we were poised to enter another lockdown and plans for all sorts of rides were pretty much pencilled in only and on a wait and see basis. Hopefully, 2022 will be be very different. 

Regular readers will know already, one of the reasons I love my Brompton bicycles is that they allow be to avoid public transport - which I most certainly do not! I have recently used the tube a fair bit and it has been quiet to say the least. My usual haunts of SW7 and NW8 have been unusually quiet both leading up to and after Christmas. I don't really get the working at home thing in many ways but that is what people are doing here in London. 

My plans for 2022 are very similar to those of last year. When the night rides start up, I will go on as many as I possibly can. Outside of these if I can drag my friend Dr John out, we will do our own duo rides. As I mentioned in my Christmas Day post, if the Dunwich Dynamo is feasible (coaches back to London) I will will try and do it. Assuming the Ride100 goes ahead, I am signed up for it. I will also go on as many of the themed rides and Brompton Club rides as I can. 

Outside all of these kind of rides, I hope to cycle to and from work at least four times a week. This is only just over four miles each way but it is better than nothing and there is a rather tasty hill to negotiate. Naturally, if the weather is good I can always take the longer scenic route.

Wherever you are, wishing you a very Happy New Year and stay safe out there!

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  1. Happy New Year and I do like reading your blogs, I really ought to ride my S3L Brom more and reading your posts makes me want to! Lockdown(s) saw me mainly riding my fixed wheel road bike. You are right about home working; I am amongst the 50% of the UK working population whose role makes home working a definite no no. Most of my employer's support staff such as HR, Finance, IT etc work from home and rare to see them smile during (the many) tedious teams video meetings. Many have put on weight as well! Keep up the good work for 2022.


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