Monday 17 January 2022

The dreaded C word strikes

Towards the end of last week I took one of many lateral flow tests, that I have taken more time than I can count since they were made available. It is a requirement where I work and normally...nothing. On this day as I watched fluid soak up the little strip of almost blotting paper, the pink line came up almost immediately. I took a further two tests and they were all the same. I had Covid. 

I contacted work to let them know and booked a PCR test at a drive through centre the following morning - which I was lucky enough to get pretty easily. With that done I awaited the results - not that I really needed anything conforming as another LFT before going had an even more vivid line - and later that evening the message came through to conform that I was positive. 

I didn't really have any symptoms, apart from an irritating cough that was there and pretty constant overnight. I do feel that I was in far more danger of being smothered in the middle of the night by Mrs Orange -  who I had kept up from the spare bedroom - than from having Covid. The following morning I was tired and had the classic loss of smell and taste for a day or so, but that was it. 

Missing work was not good for me. I wanted to be there and felt that it was a bad show being out of the frame for at least a week. Being very much a free spirit, liking to come and go as I please with my family in tow - was perhaps the most difficult of all. 

I am  now back and able to venture out tomorrow and the simple freedoms of even going to the shops will be a novelty for a short while. I also look forward to a group cycle ride at the weekend and may even take the longer route to get to the start line. 

For most people, getting Covid will be no bid deal. Let's hope it stays that way. 

Stay safe out there people. 

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