Tuesday 11 January 2022

Selling the big wheels??

It is safe to say that my two road bikes - a Condor Fratello and a Surly Disc Trucker - have been gathering a layer of dust. I now have a decision to make of whether or not to part company with them.

I am very reluctant to get rid of the Condor - despite the fact I cannot recall the last time I used it in the past two years - and more likely to start with the Surly. This too is a quite wonderful bicycle that is built like a tank and probably outlive me and my children, it is that bulletproof. 

The reason for me not using them? Quite simply, it is owning three Brompton bicycles. Each of these have very different uses for me - although all of them can be used for just as well as each other - and I just prefer them to any other bicycle. There is something about a Brompton that puts a smile on my face the way no other bicycle can. Any journey is better for using one of my Brompton bikes. If being honest with myself, even if I only had one Brompton bicycle, the road bikes would still be waiting on the touchline!

So, if you want to buy a a Surly Disc Trucker in excellent condition with a few extras thrown in, let me know!

Stay safe out there people!!


  1. Surely it deserves one last haul up Ditchling Beacon?

    Dr J


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