Saturday 8 January 2022

A new superlight Bromptom in its way?

Brompton have been doing quite a few new releases recently. There were the name changes and the introduction of the 4x gear P-Line, which with the absence of a hub gear among other changes to make it lighter, weighs in under the 10 kg mark. They have also sent out various teasers of something else. 

The rumours started ages ago. Could it be an all titanium version? The smart money is on just that. If it is it may well tip the scales down further and potentially weigh less than the P-Line. 

There will still be the moaners out there who will go on about Brompton not innovating whatever is released, despite some pretty big additions seen on the P-Line. They really need to find another bike to buy if they think this...but then they'll probably moan for England about how it is rubbish when compared to a Brompton. 

I will not be in the queue to get any new Brompton bicycles as I love the three I already own. They do everything I need and more. I can however appreciate what Brompton are doing and for that they can only be commended. 

Stay safe out there people. 

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