Thursday 13 January 2022

Will there be a Brompton World Championships in 2022 Mr Orange?

Since before Christmas I have had a steady stream of emails asking me about what I know about the Brompton World Championships for 2022. (Sorry for not answering emails earlier by the way). I thought I would do a blog post that will hopefully answer all the people who contacted me. 

The simple answer is, I don't know? I should point out that I do not have an inside track (unfortunately) into anything that Brompton does. I don't get told information before anyone else, am not invited to the factory or any Brompton events and most certainly do not get invited to sit down with the big cheese, Will Butler Adams for a cup of tea (although that would be rather good). No, I am just a customer - albeit extremely loyal and probably fanatic one - who likes Brompton and their bicycles. 

The Ride100 event is back in May and if Brompton were able to tag on to it as they have done for previous incarnations of this event, it really would make a great deal of sense. Seeing 500+ Brompton users racing around iconic bits of London on an iconic bicycle, is a marketing executives dream come true. Added to this, I am sure that Brompton could showcase their new offerings. 

So, sadly I cannot tell you whether it is going ahead or not. If it does go ahead, perhaps you good people might consider contacting the powers that be at Brompton HQ to see whether my partner in crime BumbleBee and I could be granted a place on the start line. That would make a good blog post. 

Until next time, stay safe out there people!!

The last time I attended a BWC

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