Sunday 23 January 2022

Brompton T Line Update

Yesterday just before a Brompton ride, I popped down top Brompton Junction to see the new T Line - this time from inside the shop rather than starring outside. 

In fact, before going in I did stare again at the bike sitting there in the window and my first thought was that it was a bit like Charlie Bucket gazing into the sweetshop window at the 'golden ticket.'

Once inside I got a good look at the bike itself. It is lovely! Picking it up the weight seemed unnaturally light.  


For me the addition of colour (and you can guess where I would go with this) would be good but I do have to say that if Brompton NEVER released this bike in different colour scheme, it wouldn't be a bad thing. In fact now I think more about it, I am coming to the conclusion that the only colour this should come in is the one presented here. 

The 4x gears might be an issue for some used to 6x gears but there are tens of thousands of single, two-speed and three-speed Brompton bikes out there which will not be an issue for so many users. 

Again, too many new things about this bike to mention so head over to the Brompton website for more details. 

As I wrote yesterday, Brompton will sell thousands of these. I would suggest they have guaranteed sales for as many as they can make. I would love to have an extended test run on one of these, not because I would buy one, but more to experience all the effort Brompton have put into it. 

If you are in the market for one of these, my only advice is to be patient. There will be lots and lots of people in the queue to get one all across the world. Again, top marks to Brompton!

Until next time, be safe out there people!


  1. Hi OB

    Hope you're well. Love the pics of London by night...
    Can you please tell me what is your saddle bag as per the lead pic in your blog? Do you have a link to it?

    Thankyou in anticipation

    1. Many thanks. I got that bag possibly 8-9 years ago and it has long since been unavailable to buy anywhere sadly. Rapha had a good orange bar bag (can be used as a saddle bag) not that log ago but I think it too is discontinued.

  2. The hummingbird bike is much better

    1. yes it's a good bike but I beg to differ. Folded package nowhere nearly as good. Brompton also wins on looks and provenance as well for me.


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