Tuesday 4 January 2022

What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday was dry and fairly mild for this time of year. Today I was greeted by rain - and lots of it - and a drop in temperature that certainly gave me pause for thought about whether or not to take the Brompton out for a quick errand!

In the end I decided that I could not face having any of my Brompton bicycles subjected to the elements. Disclaimer...the only one of my three Brompton bicycles that would have made it outdoors was by Orange, Black Special Edition. This has become my commuter bike and go to horrid weather Brompton. Of course saying that I am not fond of getting it wet either!

Believe me, I am a great deal better and less precious than I used to be! In the past, if so much of a bead of precipitation hit the paintwork, I would almost induce a fit of the vapours! Yes, I am much better than that just about...although not this morning!

Are you out there the same? Stay safe out there people!

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