Thursday 30 December 2021

New Brompton Aluminium Hinge Clamp and Rear Frame Set

Some time ago these new hinge clamps and rear frame set appeared on the the Brompton CHPT3 version 2. I saw them in the flesh on my friends CHPT3 and liked them. The set is now available as an aftermarket extra for £75. Are they worth it I hear you ask?

The set comes in a well designed and simple box that doubles up as a set of instructions. The parts are all matt black and instantly give the feeling that they are greatly superior to the stock version. 

Fitting is quick and easy and something you can do yourself in possibly less than five minutes. 

On the bike they look really good. As far as the seatpost clamp is concerned it not only looks good it performs well. I found that it required a great deal less tightening to have the seatpost secure without slipping. I am sure that there will be some adjustments needed but it works well. 

The plates are just the standard black edition but the clamps are machined aluminium. Again they look a great deal better but they perform well, allowing a pretty rapid clamping. 

There are lots of aftermarket versions of these out there and for me at least, these look better and are of higher quality. There is nothing wrong with the standard version that comes with virtually all Brompton bicycles and I suppose it comes down to whether you feel this little upgrade is worth it. I got my set as a present but I do feel they are worth the price tag. 

Until next time, stay safe out there. 


  1. just wondering what's the weight of this chpt3 hinge and clamp vs the original?

    1. Good question. I haven't done any weight comparisons or checks but I would say there isn't really anything in it and certainly no real weight saving.


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