Sunday, 17 February 2013

Witchcraft on a Brompton

Today, like a Hammer Horror film from the 1970's I witnessed a sight almost too terrifying to commit to this blog. If there had of been a sofa to hide behind I may well have been found there. I speak of hub gears and it tis witchcraft!

At a maintenance course I attended today, my hub gear, which previously had exhibited a mild scraping sound was taken apart and examined. The hub gear on a Brompton is a sealed and self contained unit that only the brave would dare to tackle. The mere suggestion that I would open it up and poke around would induce a reaction similar to Christopher Lee playing Dracula upon seeing a crucifix held by Peter Cushing as Van Helsing! Much hissing, turning away and the covering of ones eyes - that sort of thing.

Today a man only known as Michael the Hub Slayer not only took apart my hub but no less than two others. He had a quick look at an old one he had in the workshop and then set to work on those attached to bikes.

The bearings in my hub looked a little dull. They were replaced, new grease applied and it all put back together. I am happy to report that the scrapping sound seems to have gone. Hopefully it will give it a longer life before it needs replacing.

In case you are wondering why no photos, I did take them but the hub did not show up in any of them? I take this as an omen not to meddle with things that I do not understand!


  1. Let's face it, anything aft of the suspension block on a Brompton is protected by a sign saying "Hyre Be Dragons..."

  2. I remember as a boy taking apart the SA gear on my Raleigh bike. (There were no other gears.) It always worked afterwards. But there were always small parts left over on the path!