Tuesday 5 February 2013

Brake Cable Change on a Brompton!!

As I reported recently the rear brake was sticking somewhat  and despite my best efforts I could not get things working.

Originally, I was going to take it to a local bike shop to have them to do as I was very nervous about changing cables and had not done it before. Instead I placed an order from the aptly named 'Brilliant Bikes' for a rear brake cable and today it arrived.

Cautiously I took the old cable off and could see why it was sticking. Badly frayed it had begun to unwind inside the cable housing. Quicker than I expected I managed to thread the inner cable to the brake lever, placed the plastic housing on and positioned it so it lay in the same position as before. Surprised by all this I attached the cable to the brake calliper and was soon carrying out final adjustments.

Now that I have done it I don't quite understand my concerns? I suppose it is a confidence thing. After having some training at Mick's house a few weeks ago, this gave me the confidence to change wheels and a dreaded rear wheel puncture. I suspect the front brake cable would be as easy to replace.

My next job will be to replace the gear cables but I think I will wait until I go on the maintenance course in the few weeks time before embarking upon this.

Yet again I surprised myself and I am gradually building the confidence to tackle more and more jobs. What I need to do now is perhaps build the amount of tools I possess. Nothing drastic, just the odd essential items which will allow me to more or less maintain my Brompton bikes on my own.

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  1. Glad you got it all done, nothing like having your treasured B out of commission even for a short period of time.


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