Saturday 9 February 2013

Pental Ultrafine S570 Pen

A classic!

Last week a work colleague presented me with a 'Pental Unttafine S570 Pen.' I was very pleased about this as for some reason I quite liked the colour!

I remember using these last when I was at Secondary School and later University. I had not really seen them in the sort of shops you expect them to be sold and it is great that they are still as popular as ever.

The line is 0.3mm and writing with one brought back how much I liked them - not just for the orange colour! If you do figure work they are brilliant as the ink is quick drying, doesn't smudge and produces a vibrant line. Is is conformable in the hand and weighs next to nothing.

The lady who presented it to me said that her daughter who studying art at University uses them all the time when doing line drawings. She uses black but you can get blue, red and green ink versions.

I now need to find a supplier as I love this little pen and not just for the great orange colour!

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