Thursday 21 February 2013

Mystery Shopper

A few readers of my blog have mentioned that they would like the idea of a review of various cycle shops in London in terms of customer service, friendliness, product knowledge...the list goes on. The have suggested a mystery shopper approach whereby someone goes in to a shop with the intention of finding these things out. I am told that in the trade it is called 'mystery shopper.'

I am not quite sure if I want to do this or even have the time but it certainly opens up a world of possibilities. Which is the best bike shop? Is it a small independent or a larger chain?

What I would like from you dear reader are the locations of shops in and around London that could be reviewed in this way. Should it be shops that stock Brompton bikes or should it be more general that that? So, please leave a comment to start the ball rolling on what could be a useful exercise that might yield more than a few surprises.

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