Friday 15 February 2013

The Waiting is Terrible!

When I first thought about the idea of buying a a Brompton, the idea of going in to a shop where I could buy one off the peg did not appeal to me as soon as I realised that you could go bespoke. Bespoke is a similar experience to going to one of the few old name tailors left on London's Savile Row. Looking at the various options and choosing those you feel are best. Instant gratification is not the done thing and once ordered a wait ensues that could be considerable.

As I type this my new Orange M6L Titanium is ever closer to being made. I have received a date from the excellent bike shop I am buying it from (more about this shop at a later date) and the end is in sight. It does not make the waiting any less easy however. 

My new Brooks Mandarine saddle is a constant reminder of what will be and throughout the past week I have on occasion gazed wistfully out of the window at opportune moments to daydream about the arrival of the Orange Titanium. Had I been living in the 19th Century I might have even been moved to write an ode about it all!

I suspect you have an opinion on this. You might prefer to just turn up to a shop and buy and take home there and then? You might be like me and want the more considered approach? Either way it would be good to hear what way you would go.


  1. .....the wait is worth it, but so much depends on how it is handled. My father in law is getting a new car and the dealer is regularly sending him a snakes and ladders postcard with a sticker on showing him where his car is in the production process. I hope you are being treated well. My own wait for a s2lx was frustrating as the date kept on being pushed back. To me this is one are brompton could really improve on, a ordering / customisation website (think fiat500), linked to the factory floor so that the progress of your order can be tracked.

  2. Perhaps an early season order is best. I ordered in late May 2012 and waited 20 weeks. Brutal!


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