Monday 11 February 2013


My youngest daughter made the mistake of asking to see my Brompton World Championships medals. I was happy to accommodate her wish believe me.

At the 2012 Brompton World Championships they offered three events one could participate in:

The Marathon - 26 miles around a demanding circuit.

The actual Brompton World Championships - a full on race over 8 miles.

Finally the Sprint - a 300 metre flat out drag race.

I entered all three and loved every minute despite it being very demanding and not for the faint of heart.

When showing my BWC medals for 2012, I was moved to also bring out the one I obtained for the 2011 Championships. By the time I had recounted my adventures likened to international competition, told her on perhaps three occasions that I managed to complete the Marathon in less than 1 hour 45 minutes, my daughter may have confused my medals to being almost Olympic in their importance.

The question was raised, why I had not been Knighted like other cyclists who who had won medals? I politely tried to explain the reasons why this would probably - the word probably was seized upon - not happen. At this point Mrs Orange Brompton - who had been patiently listening with growing amusement - intervened with laughter. My assertions that I was a, kind of international world class athlete was met with open pointing and laughter. Adding to the chorus of jocular tittering was eldest daughter who explained in no uncertain terms why I would not be paying a visit to Buckingham Palace anytime soon.

I think it is best that I am not an international world class athlete who has medaled at the highest level. If I am like this with BWC medals...

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