Saturday 23 February 2013

Getting back onto a Brook saddle

This afternoon I decided that would go out for a very short spin around the block at a reasonable pace. I say short as I have had a really bad chest cold for the best part of two weeks and only now does it seem to be easing off slightly - although it still hasn't fully said goodbye to me yet!

My stats for this outing are very poor but I felt that if I stayed out longer in this cold or pushed any further, the cough that has been a constant companion, might outstay its welcome.

Distance - 2.65 miles

Time - 10:23.81

Average speed - 15.25

Maximum speed - 22.68 mph

Calories - 170

Ascent 141.1 feet

The rear wheel on my Brompton seems to be just about okay since the bearings were replaced as a precaution but I strongly suspect I will have to replace it sooner rather than later. I also think that the crank and bottom bracket might need replacing as well at some point. 

I cannot really complain about replacing a few parts on my this my original Orange Brompton as it has served me faithfully throughout many miles and all sorts of adventures. I will never sell my original Orange Brompton and if it requires the odd spare part to replace bits that have been worn out or broken then so be it.  do turn to my new Titanium Orange Brompton which I hope to have in my possession within the next month or so. I am quite keen to get hold of it but patience is going to be needed.

Next week I start my commute again and it is going to take me a few days to get back into the swing of things as I have not really cycled for two and a half weeks - mainly due to feeling rough with this cold. There certainly won't be any record times and I will be easing in gently. I have a few big rides coming up that I want to be able to enjoy. Experience has taught me that going too quickly after a bad chest cold can actually make things worse and last longer. This is something I definitely don't want to happen!

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  1. You take it easy til your more over this bug. I seem to have had a little one myself during the week (probably caught it at the workshop session) but only lasted afew days. Kept my training up as best I could during that time and I actually got a little better I think, but I shall see soon enough


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