Thursday 28 February 2013

My new Orange Titanium Brompton

Within the next month or so I hope to have in my possession my new Orange Titanium Brompton.

It is quite strange this past week. On my commute I have never seen so many titanium Brompton bikes. Perhaps I have seen them before bit not identified they were titanium versions? This week I have noticed them all.

The new double rimmed 2013 wheels I have fitted to my original Orange Brompton have provided a little taste of what I might expect with my new bicycle. It could be my imagination but these new wheels feel a little stiffer than the old ones. It could of course just be because they are newer but there does seem to be a difference.

My new titanium Brompton will actually have more orange than my existing bike - main frame and stem. My original Orange Brompton has black extremities. Such is my fondness for all things orange, some people who have seen my bike up close several times and been on rides with me, are sometimes shocked when they see the black extremities. They even ask whether I have changed the forks or rear triangle.

The waiting is nearly over - I hope and I am going to be very happy to have two Brompton bikes again. The fact that they will be both Orange is a happy bonus.

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