Sunday 3 February 2013

Dirty Brompton and Brake Disaster!

My beloved Orange Brompton was so filthy after the London to Cambridge yesterday, I had to resort to using a pressure washer on it at a local petrol station.

In all the time I have owned my Brompton it has never beens as dirty. When I got it home the underside of the mudguards were still caked in mud, muck and goodness knows what? With the rear wheel off to try and clean them I discovered that my rear brake were pretty low so I replaced them with a new set of blocks.

The cable on the other hand or perhaps the brake lever itself was not as it should be as they didn't seem to release once depressed. Unfortunately, this will mean a visit to a local bike shop for them to fit a new cable or perhaps brake lever? It is a job I have yet to see done and haven't got a clue how to go about doing. I will therefore be without my beloved Orange Brompton for a few days I suspect.

Dirt everywhere!

Just before pressure washing!

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