Thursday 13 June 2019

No London Nocturne for 2019

The Nocturne has been a part of the London cycling calendar since 2007. My association with this event goes back as far as 2013 however it sadly didn't happen this year.

The official Nocturne website was fairly quiet all year and recently the news was published that everyone was expecting:

'Owing to a series of circumstances beyond the organisers' control, the London Nocturne event will not be taking place in 2019.'

This is a great shame as it is a really good event that very much celebrates cycling in all its forms. My first Nocturne was back it 2013 and apart from 2018, I competed in their folding bike race from that date onwards.

Although billed as a folding bike race, it was very much a Brompton dominated. At one time or a another the vast majority of people I mention on this blog have taken part too.

Here's hoping that it returns in 2020!

Below I have links to the blog posts I wrote about there Nocturne events I look part in.






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