Thursday 20 June 2019

Car-free day in London for September

Today is Clean Air Day and to mark this the Mayor of London  announced a car-free day for London to tackle air pollution.

On Sunday 22nd September, London will be able to enjoy its biggest ever car-free day in an effort to raise awareness of the downsides of toxic air and try to encourage Londoners to venture out without the use of a car.

The 22nd September looks set to be a day of celebration with lots going on including walks, treasures hunts and live music events. In all over 12 miles of  streets will be closed in Central London.

For me this is a great idea and I look forward to the prospect of some traffic-free cycling - whatever the weather. I do appreciate that to many this will be a major pain however being such an important issue it might help us pause for thought and consider what state we are leaving the planet for future generations.

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