Sunday 16 June 2019

5 reasons why owning a Brompton is different to any other bicycle!

Brompton owners - in my experience - are a different breed of cyclist. Even though many also own other types of bikes - road, mountain, hybrid - the fact they own a Brompton often makes them different. I'll try and explain why.

#1 Colour

Many riders kit themselves out in cycling gear and accessories that go with their bicycles. Nothing special there. Many Brompton owners however take this to another level. The choice of colour for many is a very important and personal thing and as such when buying cycling gear it must be of a certain colour that compliments their Brompton.  I know some Brompton riders who are actually...ahem...know by the colour of their Brompton!!

#2 You're one of us now!

If you go to Richmond Park on a Saturday or Sunday morning you'll see roadies cycling around happily together in friendship groups. The bikes they ride will almost certainly be different brands. Brompton riders across the world seem to find each other and ride together in groups - sometimes very large groups. Many are members of Brompton specific clubs. I cannot think of other bicycle groups that have so many people across the world doing just this?

#3 Racing

Brompton ownership allows the user to enter the fabled 'Brompton World Championships' which now appears in several countries across the world. There are many bike races and and events happening all the time  but I doubt whether you would be able to find up to 550 riders of certain bike brands to rock up to an event in the same way.

#4 Customisation 

Many people buy a Brompton bicycle and do nothing to it. There is nothing wrong with this as any Brompton - whatever the spec you choose - is a bicycle for a specific purpose which is to ride, fold and take anywhere. There are of course thousands of people out there who have customised their Brompton in some way or the other. For some this is very subtle, while for others it is much, much more. Again, I cannot think of a another bicycle brand where so many of its users do this in such large numbers and with such enthusiasm.

#5 You did what!!!?

A night ride to the coast of 65 miles, 100km audax, sportive, race, Dunwich Dynamo...isn't really that big a deal if done on your ultra lightweight carbon road bike with copious gearing. However, done on a Brompton and it all takes on a much more epic dynamic!  100 miles on a road bike is of course demanding and deserves a certain amount of kudos but do the same on a Brompton and it becomes something more special (perhaps as a road bike can cover a distance quicker and with less effort). Many Brompton riders sign up for events that are geared towards road bikes and by doing so know it will be special, that it will be an achievement. The reaction from other participants (not on a road bike) ranges from amusement, scorn, bewilderment to disbelief and many Brompton riders hear 'you did what!!!? after recalling what they did at the weekend.

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